The Winchester Hotel - 531 Parliament Street

The Winchester Hotel is a well-known local hotel noted for its distinctive Second Empire style and was designed by the noted architectural firm of Kennedy and Holland. The Winchester Hall, at the back (east) of the hotel once housed a very popular jazz establishment where greats such as Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker entertained the crowds. We are managing the project and our scope includes Scaffold set-up, copper, slate, brick and stonework, new windows, woodwork, Lantern rebuild, caulking, painting and English tuckpointing on a large scale. We are the only Heritage contractors in the country that have evidence of pulling this off. This is our 3rd large tuckpointing project. We hope this building serves as a reminder to the detail and craftmanship that was evident during the late 1800's. Its not easy matching their work. This project challenges us on many levels as this building has deteriorated due to years of neglect. The Hotel, or Parliament side, had black ribbon tuckpointing. The Hall had evidence of cream ribbons. As the story goes Prince Albert died and the English masons mourned his death by switching to black ribbons. This does make sense as the hall was built at the exact time of his passing. We are using Lead Coated Copper (Roofing Inc.) to add the finishing touches. Martin and his crew are also doing the slatework. They are excellent. Tradewinds is responsible for all the hardwood and weighted! windows. Our next phase of this project has us rebuilding the missing lantern that completes the cupola roof. We are very excited to hand this building back to the residents of Cabbagetown.
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