Historic Building Restoration


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We just finished the second phase to this project for Remington in Markham.  The addition was added on to the farmhouse that we restored over a year ago. All the exterior brick on the original farmhouse was removed for cleaning and recycled back into the walls.  We completed the stonework and arches to match the farmhouse.  Chimneys will be built in the summer.  Quite a transformation with the original photos shown here.

We are excited to have started the full exterior restoration of the John Irwin House.  The house was moved from its original location down the street onto its current foundation.  These incredible photos show the excavation down 5 storeys with cement column shoring to support the load of the house.  We and other skilled trades will be bringing this aged house back to life with heritage restoration in the form of masonry, slate, copper, windows, woodwork and new paint.  We are also looking forward to working with ERA, Skygrid, and CentreCourt Developments.

Our Rosedale semi-detached rebuild was recently finished.  We worked with the owner to elaborate on the existing buff brick details and keep the decorative red/orange brick elements.  The inside corner of this house had settled almost 3 inches.  The correction to re-level the facade was made at the bottom of the wall.  We managed to salvage 40% of the existing brick by flipping and cleaning the reverse side.  Click photo to enlarge image.

320 degrees of steam at 250 psi is used to gently remove the paint off the brick.  The carbon is then taken off to expose the original surface and colour of the 1880"s brick.  All waste-water is collected and disposed of as liquid waste.  Once removed from the site, the water is neutralized and filtered at the waste facility.

Arcading arches that have spalled will be rebuilt.  Any other brick or stone detail will be repaired in place or removed and replaced.  We will be rebuilding the original parapet wall of this building which will add a nice detail at the roof-line.

Lots of work… will look great restored.

The Bradburn house in Markham exterior has been restored and now waiting for a new roof.  We will be returning to build the chimneys on either end of each gable and an addition off the East elevation. 

Every brick on the exterior whythe was removed on this triple brick house.  We separated and salvage/cleaned the reverse side of all the usable brick.  The new and existing brick was then rationed back into the exterior wall using helical ties and a careful consideration to the existing openings and detailing.  GBCA Architects, Remington Group and Cirrus Contracting are involved in this project.

Brick and Hydraulic Lime sourced through Kreitmaker in Toronto.

The Campbell Block in the Junction will be changed dramatically once we are finished the paint removal and brick restoration.  The scaffolding from Russ Dilworth just went up along with the green mesh.  The building wraps around the block heading North on Keele street.  We are thrilled to be working on this project!

We recently completed our second phase on the Malthouse on Old Brewery Lane.  While working with Alana Young from ERA Architects, we rebuilt many sections of the lower elevations and repaired the front entrance at grade.  The upper parapet and structural Cintec anchors will be installed later this season.


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