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Yonge Street clock tower conservation. (at Toronto, Ontario)

Work continues on the demo phase of the clock tower and Facade retention/conservation project on Yonge Street for Cresford Developments and @eraarchitects (at Toronto, Ontario)

Thanks @gooddsgnadvice and @mattcreynolds - words to live by (at Toronto, Ontario)

Old pic of our crew about 7 yrs ago after a long day on a farmhouse restoration project. (at Orangeville, Ontario)

An unveiling party on Sherbourne today!
@danlewisuk @eraarchitects (at THE SELBY CONDOS)

Charcoal slate is looks very modern up against a large condo. We have to carefully flash up to the building, while not connecting to it. The old mansion will move differently than the cement structure. We are pulling the tarps and scaffold down next week👋😁 (at Hotel Selby Your Rosedale Valley Inn)

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@roger.von set up a clever make shift lathe with an old drill and a wood jig. This is a great way to paint spindles quickly without annoying drips. We are using shellac primer with Benjamin Moore Aura exterior green.
#worksmart #workintheblack #workinprogress #workout #workoutmotivation #workit #workworkwork (at Toronto, Ontario)

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