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Sunroom completed. Slate, copper, wood restoration, stained glass repairs, stone restoration and traditional English tuckpointing. A lot for an exterior sunroom.
@eraarch (at Toronto, Ontario)

Some great shots from John the homeowner. Steve is working on the chimney, Joseph on the clay tiles and Jeremy repointing the purple sandstone. Awesome work guys - can wait to reveal this one. (at Toronto, Ontario)

@ezra_g_stone laying up the clay tiles we reproduced from moulds. (at Toronto, Ontario)

The many faces of the Levack Block on Ossington Ave. The restored facelift is coming soon. (at 88 Ossington (formerly OMAW))

So Pleased with the way 28 Howard has turned out. Especially next to the (ugly) new build next door. It just shows how valuable these old houses are and how important it is to save them.
#preservationmatters (at Tinuno)

Masonry Cleaning and wood and steel beam prep for paint. Too often is cleaning over looked as an easy or quick way to brighten up a facade. In the wrong hands it’s easy to over clean and remove too much patina or worse the colour out of the brick or stone. Hot steam is used to peal away t 4 layers of paint with no chemicals.
We are rebuilding a parapet as well.
#restorationdoneright (at Toronto, Ontario)

Decorative wood carving missing on multiple locations on the Ossington project. With the mold method we can recreate the exact replica. This will be set aside for curing and then inset back into the corbels.
#oldmeets @jordan___francis @burnthatsucker @ezra_g_stone thanks for your fine work (at High Park North)

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