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Our clay tiles are coming out nicely. The colour .arches the cleaned version of the original. We are even able to almost have the holes pre-drilled. Thanks to winterstone for producing an exterior casing mix that can withstand the outdoor elements. Winterstone was developed by a Canadian engineer who is also a sculpter. He need an excellent casting mix and was frustrated… he made is own. It is that good. More casting to come. (at High Park North)

Clay Roof Tiles (cont). The mold was flipped and separated from the form. 1 tile was lost due a soft mix or not enough activator. The edges were trimmed and then ready for the mix. A 7-10+- ratio of mineral dye to mix. The consistency is just enough water where there is a balance between min workability and dryness to prevent shrinkage during set.
See www.winterstone.com for more info. Great product. (To be cont.) (at High Park North)

Sooooo excited!! It’s now official, we have been awarded the contract to restore the South side of Mercer Street in Toronto! We will be partnering up with @madisonhomes @tuckerhirise and @eraarch to complete the heritage conservation of the 3 buildings that will form the base for the beautiful twin towers.
Thank you to our team and @danlewisuk @noahmcgillivray looking forward to this!

(at TIFF)

Big thanks to @watsonsengraving for making these great banners to hang from scaffold sheathing. They are great to deal with and can handle more than engraving. (at Toronto, Ontario)

Traditional English Tuckpointing. Our interest in bringing this craft back to life has created some beautiful work. @tuckpointer and I managed to get 6 guys proficent enough to pull this off in terms of historic accuracy. It takes a team of dedicated guys to tuckpoint a facade or mansion. Working together and executing a plan gets us there. ..
“Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. The ride might not be as predictable if you’d just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more interesting.” Edward Whitacre, Jr.
Thank you to @eraarch and @danlewisuk for for the trust. @tuckpointer for is amazing guidance and @_petersmith_ over at skycon for bringing in the lime. (at Toronto, Ontario)

Paint stripping wood from the late 1800’s is tedious work but worth saving.
#heritagehouse #carpentry #traditionaltrades #preservation (at High Park)

Yonge Street clock tower conservation. (at Toronto, Ontario)

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