Hello Mr. Brunswick House - We are about to clean you up for your next life…

Brick and Stone Restoration, Masonry Cleaning, Painting and Metal work.

This was a tough project and tested us on many levels. Once the paint was removed, we uncovered heavily spalled brick with very poor repairs including caulking and cement all over the brick. The single whythe facade had so much deterioration that we were forced to dismantle and rebuild.

The final product with over 50% of the brick salvaged during the reconstruction. Old white pine was used for the sill replacements. Windows, soffit and fascia restored. Restored bargeboard that was original to the 1880’s construction. The red against the black is in keeping with the original colour wash. Porch and columns to be restored.

Here is a good reason not to strip paint… By removing the existing brick and cleaning the reverse side, we are capable of so much more.  The final product speaks for itself.  This is the best outcome for damaged facades where paint was used to cover up previous poor repairs, sand blasting or spalling. Another 100+ years has been added with a fresh bed of lime mortar.

Great work guys!

We just wrapped up the old Second City Firehall restoration project downtown Toronto.  The end result has add much more colour and life back into the existing facade.  We used a hydraulic lime mortar and changed the mortar colour back to what was likely there before it was painted and sandblasted sometime in the eighties.  The front was gently cleaned and we repointed/repaired all the sandstone detailing.  The tower will be next to restore during phase 2.

We are beginning to remove the tarps and scaffold from our Cabbagetown job in Toronto.  This double dwelling, 1880′s house was painted and poorly repaired over the years.  We managed to salvage 50% of the original brick and combined it with sourced brick from England.  Lime mortar was used to add long-term durability.  Once the new windows go in and the house is clean, this old beauty will shine again.

Thanks guys… Great work!

We just set up at the old Second City Firehall downtown.  We will be restoring the two main gables with masonry cleaning, brick replacement and repointing.  Unfortunately this entire building was sandblasted a while back and repointed with cement.  We will try and bring this beautiful firehall back to life and restore it with the care it deserves.  The building now houses the College of MakeUp Art & Design.  

We just finished the second phase to this project for Remington in Markham.  The addition was added on to the farmhouse that we restored over a year ago. All the exterior brick on the original farmhouse was removed for cleaning and recycled back into the walls.  We completed the stonework and arches to match the farmhouse.  Chimneys will be built in the summer.  Quite a transformation with the original photos shown here.

Here are some photos of our heritage job off Yonge Street… We completely rebuilt the front and back masonry, as well as both chimneys. The east and west sides were repaired and repointed. The 4 wood dormers and all supporting brackets were recreated in our shop..Kagter has been busy doing a great job on the slate and lead coated copper.

Click on image to enlarge photo.  

We are now finishing a stone, concrete and metal sign for U of T.  The old Tanz building off of Queen’s Park will get a new name in commemoration of a previous Dean of Medicine.  The Metal shroud and lettering contrast well with the stone.

We are excited to have started the full exterior restoration of the John Irwin House.  The house was moved from its original location down the street onto its current foundation.  These incredible photos show the excavation down 5 storeys with cement column shoring to support the load of the house.  We and other skilled trades will be bringing this aged house back to life with heritage restoration in the form of masonry, slate, copper, windows, woodwork and new paint.  We are also looking forward to working with ERA, Skygrid, and CentreCourt Developments.

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