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Its all in the details.  Here is a rail moulding that is original to the mansions construction.  There are remnants of gold leaf on the centre pressed wood portion and the wood was stained dark cherry.  We will stain the wood back to its original state.

We are in the process of matching hardware for the interior and exterior doors at the Selby. @danlewisuk discovered they are Corbin hinges and helpful guys at the door store confirmed the mortise locks are Eastlake (rare). They will now provide matching knobs and locking mechanisms. Love this store… If you haven’t been - its worth the drive to Dufferin and Castlefield - Toronto. @thedoorstore
#drooling #artdeco #vintagelighting #historicgalore #knowledgeablestaff (at Toronto, Ontario)

Putting some finishing touches on some beautiful old wood doors that we brought back to life. Thanks @roger.von @jordan___francis - awesome work! (at Hotel Selby Your Rosedale Valley Inn)

Any of you have a love affair with old stairs? I do - look at this dreamy beauty that @periodcraftsmen aka Freddy Roman posted.

The owner of this interesting building contacted me today to see about restoring the front facade. Many articles have been written about 54.5 St. Patrick Street, Toronto. This came down to an aggressive developer and a homeowner that wanted to stay put. You have to admire her fight to stay.
(at Toronto, Ontario)

A sign worth reading. This sums up a lot of reasons why we take our time and get things right the first time.
#takeyourtime #andgetitright #spendabitmore #craftsman #qualitycontrol #greatresults #passionatecare (at Hotel Selby Your Rosedale Valley Inn)

These two guys! Having a laugh during a more difficult phase of the Howard Street project.
#goodtimes #allworknoplay #funatwork #seriouslytho #these2fellasrock #thanksboys
@eguy95 @irishgraeme (at Toronto, Ontario)

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