62-64 Charles Street National Award of Excellence - Materials, Craftsmanship and Construction - CAHP

62 – 64 Charles Street was designated under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act in 2014. It is located on the north side of Charles Street East, west of Church Street. The Thomas Smith and Arthur Coleman Houses (completed 1885) are 2½-storey semi-detached buildings. The properties were listed on the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties in 1974. The buildings are Victorian-era examples of late 19th century semi-detached residences with Second Empire features. The houses are distinguished by the surviving contrasting buff brick detailing on the red brick surfaces. They stand as significant reminders of the elegant architecture introduced to the Church Street neighbourhood as it developed in the 19th century.

As heritage consultants ERA strived to protect the value, significance and integrity of the heritage assets. The scope of conservation work required the full retention and rehabilitation of the buildings, except for the rear one-storey addition, which has been demolished and included the rarely-seen process of tuckpointing for which awrad-winning Tuckpointer Antoni Pijaca (from Melbourne, Australia and recognised as one of only 100 experts in his field) was hired to rehabilitate the masonry and share the secrets of his trade.

Here are some great picks of the stonework around the windows and doors.  The amazing traditional tuckpointing is unfolding as well.  All this work is by our solid team of skilled craftsman.  Thanks for all your hard work guys.

We really enjoy working with the original woodwork of this house.  The Hunt Heritage team will put some love back into these gables and dormers.  The interior pocket shudders and trim will be ready for stain shortly.  

So pleased to have recieved the Award of Excellence for Craftsmanship and Construction at the CAHP Awards this past weekend.  ERA Architects (Daniel Lewis) @danlewisuk and our team share this for the great work we did on 62 Charles Street, Toronto.  Thank you to ERA, Roger Vaughan (carpentry), Martin from Kagter (slate/copper), Ridley windows and @tuckpointer for all his guidance with Jason and crew (tuckpointing). This award is for all of us - congrats… To be cont.

Photos from the recently completed Joseph Bloore commemoration plaque.  

Here are some photos of the Selby Hotel exterior brick and stone restoration.  Traditional lime putty 4mm ribbon and red stopping mortar as it was originally completed.  This building will have a strong impression once complete.  People are not used to this look but this is complete conservation… taking it right back to what it originally looked like.  Thanks ERA Architects for entrusting us with this.

Here are photos from the Canada Life Building on University Ave that we recently finished.  This was a complicated project that involved concrete, granite and custom molded and cast aluminum.  We handled all the fabrication of the railing, granite, and the interior door modifications and pedestals.

The Selby Hotel on Sherbourne Street is getting restored by us… Interior and Exterior preservation.  These photos show how we strip layers of old paint using dry steam and safe chemical.  This process is much less toxic than using heat guns.  It is also far more gentle on the wood.

Here are some pictures of our wood restoration from the Charles Street project.

Roger is doing a great job at replicating the old porch.  62 Charles Street … Almost complete.

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