Hunt Heritage Masonry is a restoration based masonry company based in Toronto. It was started by Barkley Hunt in 2007 and grown with teamwork. HHM believes its years of experimentation and passion for the trade will push them forward as leaders in the field.
Experience and knowledge are the main tools we use. We believe in what we are doing and where we are headed. Teamwork is crucial to our success.
To apply our varied skill-set and combine our knowledge and use of conservation materials to better preserve historic masonry. We will provide quality workmanship to an Architects specifications or a building owner's expectations. Our promise - complete commitment to our clients needs.

Hunt Heritage currently has 20 full time staff members that make up our diversely skilled team. On any given project we are capable of managing and executing heritage brick restoration, carpentry, metal work, stonework, structural work, painting and system scaffold. Having all these skills in house allows us to work cohesively with an emphasis on quality and efficiency.
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Adam Fullerton
is a true craftsman, mason and artist…His passion to create objects of curiosity and functionality grew into more than just a hobby as he began to imagine beautiful installations crafted from recycled materials while travelling abroad in Australia, New Zealand & South America, which prompted the establishment of his brand in 2012. Born in West Sussex, England, Adam now resides in Toronto, Canada. http://www.adam-fullerton.com
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Roger Vaughan
Roger Vaughan is a graduate of the University of Guelph and recently completed the Architectural Drafting program at George Brown College. At HHM, Roger has been a leader with his adaptive and varied skill set. He will be going on his 9th year with HHM and is a valued employee. Roger has a passion for woodworking and enjoys wood restoration.
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Jason Schubert
After working in kitchens in Vancouver, Montreal, and London England, Jason Schubert left the restaurant business as Head Chef to do something he has always wanted to do - further his stonemason skills and learn more about restoration. Jason enjoys working with traditional materials and takes pride in craftsmanship and design. Jason's positive attitude and sense of humour makes it easy to get through the most difficult days. We all gain from jason's work experience.
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Barkley Hunt
owns and operates HHM and works hands on as a mason. His background in the trade began when he worked as a dry stacked waller doing mostly Landscape stonework. After graduating Algonquin College's Heritage and Traditional Masonry Program, he started his pursuit in the field of Restoration and Conservation Masonry work. Barkley is currently taking courses at Ryerson in the field of conservation and is a professional member of CAHP - Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals.
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Daniel Arellano
studied History at Concordia University in Montreal before relocating to Toronto last fall. With work experience ranging from gold exploration in the Yukon to urban agriculture in Cuba and Montreal, Daniel was drawn to heritage restoration out of a respect for history and a desire to build and create. After work Daniel is an avid cyclist, cook and photographer.
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Stephen Mason
A Mason by birth; Stephen seriously took his hand to the trade after graduating from Dublin institute of Technology. Whether it be out fishing for carp, or restoring a home- he is most comfortable outdoors. Stephen finds solace in the pureness of masonry. He enjoys learning from the other artisans at HHM and sharing his knowledge in completing a project. His persistent work ethic and keen sense of humour are a welcome addition to the team.
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Edgar Ganuelas
This is what Edcar likes to do on his own time. He deserves the rest… Edcar is a quiet, patient work-mate to us all and is steadily acquiring new skills as he learns the trade. We appreciate having Edgar on site, as tends to keep everything organized and is always willing to pitch in to get the job done. Thanks for all your hard work Steady Eddy!
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Owen Andrews
Originally from Canberra, Australia, Owen graduated from LaTrobe University majoring in History and Cultural Anthropology. He combines a experience in a wide variety of construction fields with a deep love of historical preservation, traditional methods and design.